Chaos affects everybody and everything differently. The chaos in peaceful times may be slightly irritating, but in these times, chaos is extreme. It is present in every kingdom—mineral, vegetable, animal, and human—and it is increasing exponentially. Chaos is a mindless destructive force mixed with the wonders of creative manifestations, untested experiments, and vortexes where new paradigms are born. When it builds to its present stage, human character is needed, and conscious human action is critical. Such consciousness contains the awareness of self in all its aspects—physical, emotional, etheric, and spiritually. Those who chose not to awaken nor to understand that they create their own realities will experience futures that are either chaotic or mediocre. Their destinies will be difficult because they allow others to create them in their realities. These words have no relevance to them, but to the service-to-other beings awakening now, consciously creating themselves in their own reality is their stepping forward into their spiritually focused future.

Like sound, chaos imbues everything within its range but unlike chaos sound’s range is limited. Chaos infects everything, everywhere, and at all times. It is the conflict caused by the dying of the past where the old viciously fights to stay relevant while the new and creative innovate into the future with equal ferocity seeking to be noticed and accepted. This conflict between the death of the old and the birthing of the new creates an atmosphere that infects almost everyone and everything. In the turmoil and confusion some succumb to fear and anger, some to denial and blame, while others become frustrated and lonely. Yet in the middle of the most chaotic situations, there are conscious humans who are not affected. They are not god like enlightened humans. They are just like the rest of us, except they are conscious because they met themselves and liked what they felt. They then discovered their purpose, the skills to complete it, and the tools to create it.

When you were planning this lifetime, you knew as you designed your purpose that you would be born into a world experiencing extreme chaos. Because this lifetime is so important, you probably prepared for as many contingencies as you could. You could see nearly seventy-years into your future, so you knew that the longer you lived the more complicated your life would become. You planned this life to be your last, not last lifetime, but last within a world where opposing emotions rule. Accomplishing anything in this confusing and chaotic time requires certain skills that are dependent on one’s specialty tools. We all have our personal unique undiscovered tools and skills. You are reading this now because your search for them is becoming conscious.

As an incarnated soul/spirit human you are putting your final touches on the manifestation of your last grand choice in this chaotic vibrational world. The resonance of your evolutionary choices, decisions, and actions have already created the path your future-self will travel during your next physical/mineral incarnations. Service-to-self beings who bask in the darkness of their nightmares will eventually find themselves in their own world. Those who have chosen to accept the safety and banality of a mediocre existence will find themselves in a different world while the increasingly peaceful world that is in the process of manifesting out of the chaos can only be accessed by service-to-other beings.

The present damaging and confusing chaotic environment has actually strengthening service-to-other beings. Chaos’ strength is its eventual demise because it tempers our skills, requiring us to dust off some of our tools that would have otherwise not been challenged. Chaos imbues all kingdoms with its vibrations including its emotional resonance. When human beings are not conscious they are controlled by their emotions which overrule their minds creating an unbalanced soul/spirit equilibrium. Our inner drive is the dream Soul/Spirit has for its consciousness to accomplish. This is our overall spiritual purpose, to evolve. A conscious person has less probability of being overcome by chaos’ lower emotions such as confusion, fear, hate, dread, anxiety, and depression in their quest for evolution.

This is the time to understand who creates our reality by looking honestly at our lives. We cannot become conscious of ourselves without understanding ourselves. This is not the most pleasant of tasks because our own personal chaos tells us to look outside for causation and someone to blame. This trip should be taken alone for there are parts of yourself that are best kept to yourself, but you will find that as you become conscious of them their power over your behavior will fade. If you remember your skills, how to use their tools, and become aware, chaos will have little effect on you, but you will affect it.

As we age, chaos affects us by keeping our focus on the mundane and the material. We are bombarded with media advertisements hypnotically reminding us that we will get this disease or that dementia if we do not eat, medicate, or exercise using the recommended commercial product. Aging is the time for turning our attention inward to discover an aspect of our true-self, our sentient wise-self. Instead, we spend our time concerned about our safety, worrying about our health, and fearing a world we forgot to understand. Becoming conscious or wise is not an automatic and instinctive experience that descends on you if you reach a certain age. It is a state you will have to work toward, but it is not another arduous task that you must add to the endless number you already have. You have all the spiritual tools you need in this life stored inside and since you use them unconsciously every moment as you create your reality, you may as well learn to become conscious of them.

Presently, chaos is intensifying because the evolutionary paths of the service-to-self and service-to-others are separating. This is happening metaphysically as a vibrational separation, but physically the earth’s resonance is creating a spiritual world even though, at times, it seems that it will go the other way. The main reason for this vibrational split is that the differences in the three agendas have become too great for compromise, so their paths must flow in different directions, different evolutionary paths.

Chaos affects everybody, but how it affects you is up to you. The service-to-self beings attempt to use it to create the power and control they desire. The service-to-other beings search through it for stabilization and normalcy from which they can evolve physically and spiritually. The beings who accept mediocrity will continue to bury their heads in the sand in exchange for empty promises of abundance, comfort, and security. This life requires all of us to awaken, to become conscious. If service-to-other beings choose not to become aware and not to try to understand who creates their reality during this life they will still be incarnated into the dream, but their dreams will not be as real to them as the dreams of those who did become aware.

The thinning and lifting of chaos will take time; most of us will reincarnate into it or on the other side of it, but since it is affecting us now we must become conscious, so we can see through its energy of confusion. We must become conscious to discover our skills and strength to push forward and our sensitivity to sense, accept, and act on the destinies we promised ourselves we would complete. Never in the history of modern humankind has there been so many choices and avenues free from persecution or criticism, yet the majority stumble through the confusion created by chaos as if it is a thick fog, but those seeking their spiritual-selves find that they can eventually move about with relative ease and safety. The abundance of the times has given us the means and freedom to accomplish our purposes. It has also given us the time to practice our individual strength of will, our personal calmness of emotions, and our own clearness of thought.

We incarnated into chaos because it is the right moment for each of us to come to grips with who we really are. We also incarnated into this time and space to finish an evolutionary cycle. We learned to be strong because in the presence of chaos we had too. We learned to temper our sensitivities because chaos forced us to develop the ability to focus, which is paramount to accomplishing goals. Chaos is not a nemesis, it is a natural occurrence in time and space. It is a tool of evolution; without it nothing would move forward. It is not a teacher because it destroys everything in its path until it becomes exhausted by the new ideas and feelings created to escape its resonance. Service-to-other beings should consider chaos as nothing more than an annoyance. Chaos is neither nemesis or teacher, but it is energy which we should use and consider it an atmosphere where we can become stronger, more resilient, and extremely sensitive.